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Forthcoming Meetings

Our forthcoming meetings are to be on:

  • Tuesday 8th January 2013

  • Thursday 4th April 2013 (Installation)

  • Wednesday 17th July 2013

  • Thursday 24th October 2013

Meetings are usually on Thursdays and fall in early January & April, mid-July and late October, each year: coinciding with Remedy or the end/start of term.

News from 2012-13

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News from 2009-2010


The Old Pauline Lodge held its usual January meeting this year at School at which the Master of the lodge, Nigel Young (1964-1968) presented a Grand Lodge Certificate to PhilipccccMoufcarrige with a fascinating explanation of its symbolism.

  Julian Rees then gave a five-minute oration on the subject of freedom in Freemasonry, and its meaning, from his recently published book of lectures.

The Lodge was quickly closed for the Head boy of the School and three Prefects to join us.  We were split into small groups for a tour of the School by the boys followed by champagne in the Atrium.

Dinner in the Montgomery Room was attended by the High Master who responded to the school toast with an explanation on his views of education and the ethos of the School.

This was absorbing, even awe inspiring, and we all enjoyed the usual high standard of food with wines from the Veneto commented on, as customary, by Alastair Mackenzie.

News from 2008

Julian Rees (1950-54), a distinguished Freemason and Masonic author, was installed as Worshipful Master in April.  The Lodge was visited by the Deputy Metropolitan Grand Master in July.  The newly initiated Bretheren progressed through the regular degrees.  SrdcjanssdSaso was supported by the Bretheren when he completed the London Marathon in aid of CHASE.

Donations of £1,000 were made to the St.Paul's Benevolent Fund and to the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution.

In September, the Bretheren and their partners visited Kew Gardens in the autumnal sunshine on which occasion they were joined by the High Master, Dr Martin Stephens.

Rabbi ZviawSolocmons (1981-86) was welcomed as a joining member during the year.

News from 2007

The Lodge welcomed four new members during the year.  Worshipful Master Stephen Basham initiated Philipr$Mocufarcrige (1986-91), DavdidreImrie, Operations Director, St.Paul's School and SrcdjancccccSaso (1994-2001).  David Graham (1958-62) was a joining member.

Donations of £1,000 were made to the St.Paul's Benevolent Fund and to the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution.

A Master's dinner was held at the Naval Club i February which extended the congenial atmosphere of the meetings into a social occasion with our partners.

News from 2006

The Old Pauline Lodge is always keen to recruit new members and to give Old Paulines who have an interest or curiosity in freemasonry the opportunity to find out a little more and to see how the OP Lodge works in congenial and familiar company over a good dinner.  After a brief meeting on 19 October 2006, the Lodge hosted a white table dinner (open to non-masons) at the School, which was attended by 12 guests of the Lodge and individual members.

David Miles (1957-62), Master of the Lodge, presented a cheque for £2,000 to David Imrie, Director of Operations at the School, who replied to the toast of the School and brought members up to date with the amazingly rich and varied activities going on, as well as the plans for the rebuilding of the School and the vision of needs blind entry for able boys, regardless of their parents' financial circumstances.

David Miles also presented a cheque for £2,400 to Chris Head, representing the Royal Masonic Benevolent Fund.

David Cons, a former Master of the Lodge, gave a very entertaining outline of the history and the values of freemasonry, stressing the need for the movement to step forwards from the shadows of mystery and highlighting its charitable role.

The Lodge is delighted that a number of old boys showed such interest in the Lodge.

The evening was highly enjoyable and a resounding success; as a result, we hope to repeat it on a regular basis; any OPs who are interested will be very welcome and should contact us.

From earlier in 2006

(reproduced from the Spring 2006 edition of the Old Pauline)

The January 2006 meeting of the Lodge held at the School was followed by a traditional Burns Night supper.  John McNeece, a guest of the Lodge resplendent in his Ferguson clan kilt, gave the Address to the Haggis in the appropriate fashion, stabbing the brute with a wicked looking 150-year old dirk, after which the members and their guests enjoyed a Scottish meal of haggis with neaps and tatties, venison casserole and Scottish cheeses, accompanied by appropriate wines, chosen by member and former master, Alastair Mackenzie.

 Miles, McNeece, Thomas and Basham

Worshipful Master, W.Bro Guy Thomas (the tallest one) with W.Bro John McNeece at his right hand and flanked by his wardens: W.Bro David Miles and W.Bro Stephen Basham.

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News from 2005

(reproduced from the Autumn 2005 edition of the Old Pauline)

The 2005 summer meeting of The Old Pauline Lodge was held at the School in July (writes David Cons) when wives/partners and non Masonic friends were invited.

After a brief formal meeting of the Lodge, the guests joined the members for an amusing dissertation about famous Freemasons and their tenuous connections with Old Paulines, by Andrew Montgomery, a personal friend of this year’s Master, Guy Thomas.  This was followed by champagne in the atrium and dinner in the Montgomery Room.

After dinner a cheque for £1,000 was donated by the Lodge to the School Benevolent Fund.  The toast to the School was given by Alastair Mackenzie (erstwhile classics master and wine writer) and Dick Jaine (Senior Tutor and Undermaster for the 6th forms) replied with an entertaining account of recent achievements and happenings at the School.

The Lodge meets at the School (by kind permission of the High Master) in October, January, March and July.

Miles, Thomas and Basham

The Worshipful Master for 2005, W.Bro Guy Thomas (centre) with W.Bro David Miles, his Senior Warden, at his right hand and W.Bro Stephen Basham, his Junior Warden, at his left.

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News from 2004

(reproduced from the Autumn 2004 edition of the Old Pauline)

The summer meeting of The Old Pauline Lodge was held at the School on July 21st (writes David Cons) when wives/partners and non Masonic friends were invited.  After a brief formal meeting of the Lodge, the members joined the guests for a short conducted tour of the main building and retired to the atrium for a glass of champagne followed by dinner in the Montgomery Room.  After dinner a cheque for £1,000 was donated by the Lodge to the School Benevolent Fund.  This year’s Master, David Speake (1980/84) then introduced Mrs Verity Johnson, the Finance Director of the School who gave a fascinating talk about current goings on and plans for the future of the School.  She described how much money is being spent to involve the local young community to use the facilities at St Paul's.  Additionally £300,000 of bursaries came from the Benevolent Fund this year for high achieving children whose parents are unable to fund their sons’ education at the School.  The next major project being considered for the 500th anniversary is an Assembly Hall which could be used to re-house the magnificent organ, many of us remember from the Great Hall at the old School in Hammersmith.  It is currently packaged up, unused and unloved at a Church in Portland.

More news from 2004

(reproduced from the Spring 2004 edition of the Old Pauline)

The Installation Meeting of The Old Pauline Lodge was held at the School on Thursday, April 1st (writes David Cons) when Nigel Codron installed his successor, David Speake as Worshipful Master.

The Wardens of the Lodge for the year are Guy Thomas and Angus McKenzie MBE who was assisted by his guide dog ‘Ward’.  After the meeting the Lodge dined in the Montgomery Room and heard about the progress of the school (and the quality of the wines) from former Classics Master and member of the Lodge, Alastair Mackenzie.

The next meeting of the Lodge will be held in July and traditionally this is an open evening for members, wives, partners and friends and a member of staff from the school will be invited to receive a donation from the Lodge for the School Benevolent Fund.

David Speake & Nigel Codron

The Worshipful Master for 2004, W.Bro David Speake (to the left) with his predecessor, the Installing Master W.Bro Nigel Codron.

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History of the Lodge

The Old Pauline Lodge, Number 3969

by Alastair MacKenzie

The idea of founding an Old Pauline Lodge was first put forward by Bro.  Neil Martin-Kaye in a letter to ‘The Pauline’ magazine in November 1917.  This led to a number of Old Pauline freemasons meeting at 10 Duke Street, St.  James on 6th February 1919.  A resolution was passed approving an attempt to found a Lodge and a committee was formed to further the proposal.  Some eighteen months later this committee reported to a meeting of prospective founders and it was formally resolved to present a petition to the M.W.  the Grand Master for permission to found an Old Pauline Lodge.  Supported by the Old Wykehamist Lodge, a warrant was granted, dated 26th May 1919, and the number 3969 was assigned to the Lodge.

Those of an arithmetical or symbolic turn of mind may observe that this should be a very auspicious number indeed, since it is the product of 49 and 81, which are the squares of 7 and 9 which itself is the square of 3; 3,7 and 9 all being ‘lucky’ numbers.

On 15th July of the same year the Lodge was consecrated, the ceremony being performed by the Grand Secretary, R.W.Bro.  P.Colville-Smith, a former WM of the old Cliftonian Lodge.  W.Bro.  Leslie O.Wilson (later Colonel the Rt.Hon.  Sir Leslie) was installed as WM Among the names admitted as candidates at that meeting was the Rev.  A.E.Hillard, the High Master, who was duly initiated at the next meeting.

The early meetings of the Lodge were held at 10 Duke Street, St.James with one visit to Freemasons’ Hall.  In 1921 the venue was moved to Cordwainers’ Hall in Cannon Street, in1924 to the Grand Hotel in Trafalgar Square, in 1927 to the Hotel Metropole in Northumberland Avenue and finally in 1934 to Freemasons’ Hall.  On 4th October of that year the Lodge qualified as a Hall Stone Lodge.

The first meeting to be held at the School, then at West Kensington, was in June 1930 when the Lodge hosted the Public Schools Lodges Festival.  The WM was W.Bro.  John Bell, the High Master; his predecessor, Dr.  Hillard, was the Lodge Chaplain.

From 1930, until the evacuation in 1939, one meeting a year was held at the School.  During the war regular meetings were held at Freemasons’ Hall, usually at midday rather than in the evening.  At the November 1940 meeting the WM announced that ‘in the event of an air-raid taking place he proposed to continue the work of the Lodge but that he would give any brother who desired it an opportunity of seeking a safer shelter.’

After the war the annual School meetings were resumed.  In 1947 W.Bro.  R.L.James became the third High Master to be a member of the Lodge.

In 1966 when R.W.Bro.  Sir Lionel Denny, who nearly forty years earlier had been the first initiate to reach the chair of the Lodge, was Lord Mayor of London he invited the Lodge to hold its January meeting at the Mansion House.  Three years later the Lodge was also able to hold its Golden Jubilee meeting in this splendid building with R.W.Bro.  Sir Lionel once again installed in the Master’s chair, in the presence of the R.W.Assistant Grand Master, Major-General Sir Alan Adair.

In 1970 the April meeting was held for the first time in the Assembly Hall of Colet Court, the St.Paul’s Preparatory School, at the new site in Barnes.  From 1975 the summer meetings too were held there; we now meet in the Senior School, by dispensation, and since 1990 the Old Pauline Lodge has been one of the very few school lodges fortunate enough to have all their meetings at the school.  We are very grateful for this facility and the Lodge makes regular donations to the School Benevolent and Bursary Funds.

Distinguished members of the Lodge have included R.W.Bro.  Lord Pearson, the Lord of Appeal who settled two of the most formidable strikes of the age, the Dockers’ and the Seamen’s in the days before ACAS; R.W.Bro.  Lord Nathan, W.Bro.  Sir Geoffrey Whiskard K.C.B., K.C.M.G., W.Bro.  Sir William Peat, W.Bro.  Sir K.G.  Mitchell K.C.I.E.  and W.Bro.  Sir Charles Wheeler.  R.W.Bro.  Sir James Stubbs, for many years an outstanding Grand Secretary, had been a teacher at the School during the 1930s and his wife, Lady Richenda was the Catering Manageress for twenty years during and after the war.  He was elected an Honorary member of the Lodge in 1953 and was for many years a regular attender.  His last visit was in 1998, not long before his death, when he spoke most entertainingly about his memories of the school and the Lodge.

In June 2002, the Lodge hosted the Public Schools Lodges Council Festival with R.W.Bro.  David Cons, Pro Provincial Grand Master for Middlesex, as Worshipful Master.

The Lodge looks forward to hosting the Public Schools Lodges Council Festival again in 2019 - on the occasion of the Lodge's centenary.

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