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Here's a selection; so do you recognise any of the names?

from the 90's

PhilippGMoufxarrige (1986-91), SrxdjanGSaso (1994-2001)

from the 80's

DavidGSpeake (1980-84), GuysdThomas (1976-80), ZvisdSoxlomons (1981-86),

from the 70's

Nigel Codron (1969-73), JohnGAshxford (1975-79), John Dunsdon (1965-70)

from the 60's

Peter Baker (1961-64), David Miles (1957-62), NicksdCarr (1963-67), JohnGOxlbrich (1963-68), John Stone (1954-59), Stephen Basham (1957-62), NigelsdYoung (1964-68), Derek Barr (1958-63)

from the 50's

David Cons (1954-57), Keith Smith (1951-55), Barrow Isaacs (1954-57), Julian Rees (1950-54)

from the 40's

Alan Shotts (1936-40), John Dolby (1940-46)

from the Staff Room

Alastair MacKenzie

So why have we all joined?  Here is what our members say:

I wanted to do something to do with the school but I'm not that sporty.

I was already a Freemason and saw an advert in the OP Magazine.  I wanted to maintain a link with the School so I visited the Lodge and then joined.

I had been a mason for  several years when I was invited as a guest to an Old Pauline Lodge meeting.  I enjoyed the meeting so much I became a joining member five years ago and haven't missed a meeting since. The great sense of friendship and happiness in each others' company is one of the joys of a lodge and particularly the Old Pauline Lodge, where the members not only have the moral experience of freemasonry in common, but their old school.  I can truly say, there has never been an evening which I have not enjoyed or both learnt about myself and others, particularly in terms of people whom I would not normally meet and their experiences.
The Lodge is like a dining club with an underlying charitable purpose. I was already a Mason and was looking for a London lodge to join.  I saw the article on the Old Pauline, visited and joined.


If you'd like to contact us the details are here.

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