Public Schools Lodges Council

The Old Pauline Lodge is a member of the Public Schools Lodges Council comprising 35 public schools who hold meetings in London. Members of other Schools are selectively invited to our meetings and we are invited to theirs. Every year there is a Festival at one of the Schools for members, guests, wives and partners for a Masonic meeting, a tour of the school and lunch. Those of us from our Lodge who attend, usually stay locally in a hotel for the weekend. This year’s festival is at Cheltenham College.

Members of the PSLC:

Old Aldenhamian No.4884

Old Alleynian No.4165

Ardingly College No.4410

Old Bedfordian No.4732

Old Bradfield No.3549

Charterhouse Deo Dante Dedi No.2885

Old Cheltonian No.3223

Cholmeley No.1731

Christ’s Hospital No.2650

Old Cliftonian No.3340

Old Etonian No.4500

Old Felstedian No.3662

Old Greshamian No.5769

Old Haileyburian & ISC No.3912

Old Harrovian No.4653

Old Lancing No.4660

Old Malvernian No.4363

Old Marlburian No 3533

Sit Thomas White (Old Merchant Taylors) No.1820

Old Oundelian No.5682

Old Pauline No.3969

Old Radleian No.5200

Old Reptonian No.3725

Old Rossallian No.5042

Old Rugbeian No.3551

Old Salopian No.4790

Old Shirburnian No.3304

Stowe No.9002

Old Tauntonian No.5735

Old Tonbridgian No.4145

Old Uppinghamian No.4227

Old Wellingtonian No.3404

Old Westminsters’ No.2233

Old Wykehamist No.3548

Public Schools Installed Masters’ No.9077